This is the European Parliament

A series of educational and social media videos for the SD block of the European Parliament, combining scripted filming at the Parliament in Brussels, drone footage, historical material, and high-level interviews to highlight how the Parliament is handling some of the major issues facing the EU.

Talkin' Bout New Orleans

The New Orleans Convention and Visitors' Bureau chose Blooming Rock to produce videos promoting a more authentic New Orleans experience for conventions and events, featuring an exclusive jazz music score and local icons like Emeril Lagasse, Ellis Marsalis, James Carville and more!

Sweatfest Tournament

The Big Easy Rollergirls host an annual high-level roller derby tournament in New Orleans, and Blooming Rock was thrilled to create a badass national advertisement promoting the event, featuring a look at the grittier side of the city, some of the team's best skaters and plenty of attitude.

Court Watch Volunteers

Non-profit legal advocacy organization Court Watch Nola needed clear, informative orientation materials to get new volunteers quickly up to speed. Blooming Rock worked with them to create a video training series on a budget, packed with everything a new recruit needed to know.

Nocturno: An Icy Dream

Returning to the frozen Arctic, Blooming Rock produced a stunning winter music video in circumstances that required filming on a frozen lake and hauling massive blocks of ice out of the same lake to carve into a dreamy set.

Sibelius Inspiration

Building on the huge success of the multimedia Melody Forest concert series and the Orpheum Theater event in New Orleans, we went back to the drawing board to create an even more beautiful, more engrossing and more magical mosaic of video installations, images, lights, and music. Debut on January 15, 2016 in Helsinki, soon touring the world.

Sibelius Turns 150 at the Orpheum

A massive multimedia collaboration between the New Orleans Symphony Chorus and famed Finnish classical duo Jussi Makkonen and Nazig Azezian. Blooming Rock scripted and executed the film and light installations for a performance that brought the Orpheum Theater to its feet.

Rock the Frock

A wild music video inspired by 80's effects and Rambo movies for celebrity author, character and blogger Raggarimorsian (The Rebellious Bride) and rock star Timo "Tex" Turpeinen. A video so cheesy it's totally hip.

LEAN process

A massive communications and training program for the hospital district of southern Finland. Five informative videos for an audience of tens of thousands of workers, combining studio shoots, interviews, animation and candid footage.

Remedy: Quantum Break

Aira Vehaskari was featured as playable character placeholder voice in addition to final minor character voices for the game company's 2016 blockbuster game Quantum Break. Details under NDA.

Melody Forest

Blooming Rock was thrilled to partner with cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist Nazig Azezian to create an ambitious concert series for children based on their best-selling CD and book of the same name. The concert series combines live musical performances with captivating video installations filmed in some of Finland's most inspirational places.

Mubik web marketing campaign

Scripted, directed and produced a series of five promotional videos for mobile music app Mubik to launch their international web marketing campaign.

Impromptu Ghost Story

A haunting classical music video where musicians Jussi Makkonen and Nazig Azezian come to life as the characters trapped in a ghost story. Filmed in landscapes dear to the composer Jean Sibelius, even at the decrepit cabin where he spent his honeymoon.


A simple tune serves as a flashback for the musicians, who wander an ancient farmhouse, mirrored by the people who might have lived there a hundred years ago.

Roy Marketing

Scripted four thought-provoking videos for Roy Marketing and TalviDigital, where web marketing experts share their expertise and surprising revelations about what works on the web.

Telrock: recruitment video

Scripted, directed and produced recruitment video for mobile platform company Telrock.

Kaato marketing videos

Produced testimonial videos of satisfied customers for Finnish organization Kaato, which helps companies set up and expand operations in Finland.

Travel video

Tourism video for travel agency Pohjolan Matkat, advertising a cultural sightseeing trip called "In the footsteps of Sibelius" that takes tourists through the scenic Koli area of central Finland, with a focus on classical music and cultural attractions.

Trials Frontier Launch

Created tailor-made media training workshop for RedLynx employees to help launch their new game Trials Frontier. This included workshop to build launch event communications plan and training for on-camera presentations and interviews with international media.

"Oi kaunis synnyinmaamme"

A music video where a simple song transports the performers into a lush natural world of their own imaginations. Opera singer Esa Ruuttunen and cellists Jussi Makkonen, Ulla Lampela, Iida-Vilhelmiina Laine and Matti Makkonen perform the first single from their new album: "Oi kaunis synnyinmaamme," composed by Toivo Kuula.

Dave's Tampere

News anchor and British immigrant David Mawby applies his sharp wit and insatiable curiosity to his adopted home town of Tampere, Finland. Revealed are the offbeat stories and characters behind some of the city's hidden gems. Aired by Yle Aamu-TV.


  1. The Palaces
  2. Finlayson
  3. The Cold War
  4. Central Square
  5. Pyynikki Tower

(The Girl Can Play)

At 19, Finnish student Katja Toivola fell in love with New Orleans. Inspired, she taught herself how to play the trombone and moved there to make her dreams of becoming a jazz musician come true – only to lose everything in hurricane Katrina. Devastated but determined, Katja fought to rebuild her life and her career. 30 minutes, first aired 19.05.2013 on Yle.

Sibelius in Schools

Acclaimed cellist Jussi Makkonen takes a break from his international schedule to tour Finland’s schools. He combines storytelling with live performances to bring to life Finland’s most famous composer, in a drive to teach kids about their cultural heritage.

Jussi Makkonen, a Cellist in Rome

A biographical video introducing acclaimed Finnish cellist Jussi Makkonen and his controversial interpretations of Finland's iconic composer Sibelius.

Football training videos

Finnish-to-English translation and voice-over recording/editing of hundreds of educational web videos for children's football coaches.

Day for Failure

Two call-to-action videos (in English and Finnish) sponsored by Aalto University and Boardman Tulenkantajat to raise awareness of how valuable failure is to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Day for Failure

An eight-part video campaign sponsored by Aalto University and Boardman Tulenkantajat, in which Finnish celebrities reveal the big and not-so-big failures of their lives. At times poignant, heartbreaking, and funny, these Finns share how they dealt with failure and grew in spite (or because) of it.


  1. Jani Toivola
  2. Manuela Bosco
  3. Arvi Lind
  4. Tino Singh
  5. Nicklaus Wancke
  6. MIAU
  7. Tuuti Piippo
  8. Confessions from the man on the street

Suski, Stunt driver

A five-minute documentary of a mother of three who attempts to smash a shiny gold Jaguar through 14 cars. In doing so she would break the world record held by her father. Aired by Yle Aamu-TV.

MIAU conquers the world

Spunky indie pop-punk girl band MIAU struggles to rise from obscurity, and fulfils a seemingly impossible dream of playing a big music festival stage.

Buying a Dildo

A short fiction film edited by Blooming Rock about an uptight banker lesbian whose girlfriend sends her to a porn shop to buy a dildo. Featured at the Helsinki Short Film Festival, Vinokino Film Festival, Tampere Short Film Festival. Written and directed by Eeva Putro.

Ella's Toscana

Finland's charming TV personality Ella Kanninen takes the viewer on a behind-the-scenes trip to her adopted homeland in Tuscany. A five-part mini-travel series commissioned by Finnish Broadcasting Company.


  1. Agroturismo
  2. The Piazza
  3. Chianti
  4. Microproducers
  5. The Chevaliers

Mardi Gras Soul

A short documentary commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company on Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and what it means to a community ravaged by disaster to uphold its tradition of revelry in the face of misery.

Democracy Prize

A five-part series of video biographies to commemorate the recipients of Finland's first-ever Democracy Prize. The winners are individuals or organizations who are true heroes through their volunteer work. Aired in special theatre showings and by the national public broadcaster Yle.

No Money for Bubbly

A tongue-in-cheek travel mini-series about Åland, the autonomous province which discovered priceless champagne in a ship wreck. The episodes explore the quirky island's specialized gastronomic treats and local food heroes, including celebrity chef Michael Björklund.


  1. Kökar "champagne"
  2. Beer, beer, beer!
  3. Apple wines
  4. Michael and the wee island's big treats

The Mountain Year

When Kari Tenhunen, a sergeant-major of the Finnish army nears his retirement age, he decides to enlist in the country's peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan. There, the ageing soldier finds himself in an arid and unfamiliar landscape but copes by reading the Koran and writing poetry in an attempt to understand his surroundings. Back home, his poetry is a lifeline when he is cast adrift in a society that feels too unstructured and aimless after the NATO camp. A 28-minute documentary.

Signing Kabul for Home

A news story about the evolution of a new sign language, developed by deaf Afghans in Pakistani refugee camps. Deaf Afghans who return to Kabul begin to teach their new language and demand better education.

Special Education in Tanzania – a special report

A half-hour documentary sponsored by the Finnish Foreign Ministry and Yle. With Tanzania receiving accolades for advances in education, one group of children is left behind. The very different stories of a deaf teen, a child with Down's syndrome, and a government minister who lost his sight and mobility to polio shed light on the plight of special education in Tanzania.